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Kansas' Crowdfunding Site

Raise Money for Kansas Projects
Crowdfunding in Kansas is easy through ProjectWeKan.com and you get support from a Kansas team backed by the Kansas Sampler Foundation, a well-respected name that you already trust!  We are Kansas' Crowdfunding site, dedicated to Kansas-only projects, project fundraising, and volunteer time!  If you are new to crowdfunding, technology, or video, we are here to help you succeed!

We are all movers and shakers - for Kansas

The intent is to do more than simply find money for projects but to also encourage types of projects that will help strengthen and sustain community. The mission is to connect the great stories and grassroots efforts with people all over the state, nation, and world who want to help.

Why Project WeKan?

We Kan Do It!
It's our tagline for a reason. Our belief is that together WE KAN DO IT. This project brought to you by the We Kan! Network and the Kansas Sampler Foundation allows you to collaborate with anyone in Kansas or around the world who wants to support these projects.

Strengthen a Kansas community

Stories of gumption and will
Come help strengthen a Kansas community. Successes from Project WeKan! will help illustrate the Kansas story and will be a beautiful testimony for Kansas and its people. These projects and their supporters show heart, spirit, and willingness to think outside the box, not to mention the hard work to make good things happen. It will portray what awesome things can happen when all ages are involved in planning a project and bringing it to fruition.

Who is behind Project WeKan?

Dedicated Kansans
Project We Kan! is overseen by the We Kan! Network board compromised of Melody Spurney, Newton; and Samantha Kudrick, Coffeyville. WKN is a sister organization to the Kansas Sampler Foundation based out of Inman.  Staffers for both organizations are Marci Penner, WenDee LaPlant, and Kim Clark. The mission of both organizations is to preserve and sustain rural culture. Go to kansassampler.org. Tamara Heitschmidt of TamaJama Web Designs did the site!