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A place to exchange advice, knowledge, resources or items.


What is WeKan exCHANGE?

Giving and receiving—that's how the network works.

The idea with exCHANGE is to ask for things that can be easily given, like advice, knowledge, resources, services, or items.

We want to make it easier to do good things.

The idea is to make it easier for you to do good things for your community, organization, business or self by tapping into a productive and thoughtful network.

Some examples of how to use exCHANGE

Do you need a recommendation for a tree trimmer? Ask on exCHANGE.

If you clean your shed and find old milk cans you no longer want, post their availability through "share what you have."

Looking for a speaker who can present about social media marketing? Ask here.

Are you an architect and you're willing to give five hours of expertise toward a worthy project? Post your offer here.

Maybe you need something delivered from your county to the other side of the state. Ask here if someone could do this.

Ask for things you need or have to give on exCHANGE and watch the network work for you!