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Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes

All of a sudden a new crowdfunding site appears online. It looks good. It’s going to do good things for Kansas communities. The colors are pleasing.

But someone had to make it.  Someone had to spend a million hours figuring out the design, making it secure, connecting it to a credit card company, making it functional, plus details you nor I could ever even imagine.

When we had to re-start from scratch with our crowdfunding site, we turned to Tamara Heitschmidt  - www.tamara-heitschmidt.com 


Her husband Cody gets a big assist. He’s the guy that helped secure ERV for us with his deal-making abilities. He and Tamara brought us into the 21st century with our social media and web site years ago. They are the ones that worked with us on the 8 Wonders of Kansas online contests to make the voting possible.

We (WenDee and I) did some sippin’ and supposin’ with these two one night. Somehow it got to be 1:30 a.m. before we thought it was 10.  It’s those kind of conversations that lead to mind melds that make a site like this so easy to work on together. 

The We Kan! Network team of Andrea Springer, Liz Sosa, and Simone Elder with a huge assist from Luke Mahin of Jenrus Freelance and constant support from KSF staffers WenDee LaPlant and Kim Clark. The Kansas Sampler Foundation board has been on top of this project the whole way, too (Shelia Lampe, Shari Wilson, Christy Hopkins, Andrea Springer, Eric Montgomery).

But, T, it’s you the most making this happen, making it look so good, making the tone appeal to all who want to make Kansas communities the best they can be.

All of us together can take Tamara’s hard work and put it to use now.  Let’s do it! Marci

 (Marci Penner is the director of the Kansas Sampler Foundation and the We Kan! Network).