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Hot Chocolate & Inspirational People

Hot Chocolate & Inspirational People

Dashing through the Flint Hills!

The Project WeKan! sleigh (just kidding...pickup) dashed through the Flint Hills last Saturday, to meet the team behind the Strong City Theater renovations. The Strong City Preservation Alliance began the project awhile back, but have recently started a new phase. The once beautiful neon sign out front needs serious repair.

Here is their facebook page:https://www.facebook.com/Strong-City-Preservation-Alliance-663177107117195/  to see updates and information. Or to donate - go here! http://projectwekan.com/projects-light-the-uptown-theater-sign

We were privileged to meet three of the go-getters on the team during their launch event at the Chase County Country Christmas event! Handing out not only hot chocolate and information, but smiles and inspiration in the form of a "Kansas Can Do" attitude. The two towns (Strong City and Cottonwood Falls) were decked out in holiday cheer with nostalgic Christmas carols playing over the speakers and sparkling lights. Santa DID make an appearance during the parade and stopped by to light the historic county courthouse. But OUR eyes were on the generosity of the people passing with donations and the volunteers giving of their time!

What a great start to the Christmas Season - a season of GIVING! See the photos from the event here!