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Project WeKan - Did you know?

Project WeKan - Did you know?



Crowdfunding is the practice of funding a project or venture by raising many small amounts of money from a large number of people, typically via the Internet.


  • - Project WeKan is the ONLY non-profit crowdfunding website dedicated to Kansas community projects. 
  • - Project WeKan is overseen by the WeKan Network board comprised of Andrea Springer, Hutchinson; Melody Spurney, Newton; and Simone Elder, Leoti. 
  • - Project WeKan can be used side-by-side with your local fundraising efforts
  • - A small percentage of each donation goes to the administration of the website, maintenance and help more projects use this tool
  • - The first version of the website started in October 2014 and in 2016 the website was redesigned and rebranded 
  • - 6 of the 10 past projects reached or surpassed their fundraising goals
  • - 555 contributors have donated or volunteered
  • - $119,725.64 (74%) has been raised of the collective $151,661.45 goal 
  • - The average project is from a town of 3,207 people with over 32,000 impacted with a project in their town
  • - The website has caught the attention of New York Times, KSN-TV, Wichita Eagle, and many other regional media outlets
  • - Even some nice folks with NASA and the New Horizons mission to Pluto contributed to the Burdette Project.



  • - Lucas pop. 393 - World's Largest Souvenir Travel Plate - $1,052.50
  • - Scandia pop. 348 - Pike Valley HS Bring Back the Library - $4,280.00
  • - Burdette pop. 237 - Pluto Golf Mini-Put - $7,306.65
  • - Yates Center pop. 1,351 - South Owl Lake Trail - $1,970.00
  • - Arvonia pop. 94 - Church Tin Ceiling Revival - $3,375.00
  • - Plains pop. 1,056 - Help Get Dirt (Grocery Store) - $5,139.05
  • - Wilson pop. 757- Opera House Revival - $15,512.88
  • - Garden City pop. 26,747- Save the Cupola - $40,422.44
  • - Assaria pop. 402 - We Want Rhythm! - $13,336.12
  • - Frankfort pop. 692 - Stairway to Nowhere - $39,331.00


The Kansas Sampler Foundation established the We Kan Network (WKN) and the mission of both organizations is to preserve and sustain rural culture.  WKN brings rural communities together to share common issues, common solutions, and excellent resources that work for grassroots- level efforts. This network is geared toward the majority of towns in Kansas that are volunteer-led, mostly towns with populations of 1,500 or less. 

Project WeKan is a  crowdfunding tool and not a grant. This is a tool helps you connect project needs to supporters in an instant locally or beyond. Rural towns have lost population but that negative can turn into an advantage. Reframe that thought and connect alumni, family, and friends from all over the world with an opportunity to impact their hometown in a meaningful way. 

We understand funding and volunteers are just one piece of the puzzle. This is why Project WeKan is designed to help you plan, budget, and market projects in sustainable way over-and-over. Rural Kansas will gain more momentum if successful projects generate the skills and leaders to tackle other projects in your community. 

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