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Start With A Live Launch Event!

Start With A Live Launch Event!

Fundraising Tips – Have A GREAT Launch EVENT!

  Even for projects on the Project WeKan online crowdfunding site, it is important to make a positive launch appearance in person! If people and supporters are able to see your project live, they will have a better feel for the cause as well as what needs to be done to help with it. Move them to help, motivate them to donate! Then lead them to your project site. 

  Whether it’s a free coffee and donuts informational meeting (Who doesn’t love coffee and donuts?) to get started, a hometown parade, or a color run, make it a good one!  Getting people "in the door" to your event is the biggest hurdle. Then speak from the heart.

Here are some tips for having a great launch event.

 1. Invite EVERYONE! You never who will have a heart for your project.

 2. Captivate the audience with passion and storytelling.

 3. Empower people to make a difference. Tell them how they can! Sometimes people need a road map.

 4. Keep supporters connected. Update your Blog, Facebook, Newsletters often!

 5. Encourage out-of-towners to make donations. Super easy with Project WeKan!

 6. Send alerts before, during, and after events.

 7. Use video to invite, remind, and thank supporters.Yes! Yes! Yes!

 8. Recognize donations & donors until the goal is reached.

 9. Provide multiple ways for people to donate. (Like ProjectWeKan.com)

 Now GO GET 'EM!