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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Project WeKan work?

Project WeKan is set up to allow you to raise money online for a project that you are passionate about! We have made it simple to go through the sign up process, and will guide you along the way with online resources and instructions.


What is Crowdfunding? 

Asking a crowd of people to donate a defined amount of money for a specific cause or project.

Project WeKan is a crowdfunding website that has been built to allow people to create projects and request funding using the outreach of the internet.  The difference, is that this website has been built for projects in Kansas. 

What kinds of projects are eligible?

Non-profit projects that will strengthen or sustain a Kansas community are eligible. Projects to fund salaries, annual events, workshops, one-time programming, or projects that promote a particular religious or political point of view are not eligible. Think along the lines of something that is permanent. Something that will positively impact the entire community in a direct or indirect way. Will your project improve quality of life for your citizens or make them excited about living there? We love those kind of projects!

What can I raise money for?

Project WeKan is designed to help strengthen and sustain communities of any size in Kansas, and our website is catered to allowing people to create an online project easily. We ask that each project is to nurture Kansas architecture, art, commerce, cuisine, customs, geography, history and people. Only non-profit projects are eligible. We have some amazing success stories with our pilot project round and have loved the ways that Project WeKan has been used.

Is it safe?

We have employed the best in secure payment encryption technology. Not only are your donors' online payments safe, your money is stored securely.

How does our project get its money?

Once your project ends, we will write a one-time check to the account that has been set up to receive these payments.

Does it cost anything?

We strive to keep our costs low. Creating a project is free as well as all tools that we have added to enhance and manage your project. A small processing fee of 7% is deducted from each donation that you receive. Half of that is paid to the credit card companies. The 7% fee will come out of the check that we send to you, so you won't be billed by us, ever. And, 7% will be added to your fundraising goal so that you still reach the goal you set.

Are there any time limits on the fundraising time span?

Each project can choose amount of time for the fundraising portion of their project. We encourage you to run no more than a 90 day project for the fundraising portion. However, we will keep your project page live until we or you request that we remove the project from the website. While, you are not able to continue to collect donations online after the end date of your project, you do have the ability to add updates, add photos even after your project end date.

Are there any time limits on the project completion time span?

Each project on our website has a goal and will have something to show for the project fundraising, we encourage you to have the project plan and proposed timeline completed prior to launching your project. It is important for project admins to plan well. Don't worry, we will help you through this process if you have questions. 

What if I don't reach my goal?

No worries! We will have you send in a project modification and then send you a check for the amount raised (minus the admin fee of 7%).

Will I get a notification if someone donates?

YES! Each project admin will receive an email notification each time a donation is made.

Who will donate to my campaign?

Your refrigerator friends! The people to start with are those that you call when you need to move a refrigerator--the ones that will bring snacks, drinks, their muscles and their passion to a perfectly-moved refrigerator. People that you personally know should all be told about this project and be asked to share the project. We created easy ways to share to social media.

Can I include money that we raised offline?

Yes! We recommend events for each project and this is a great opportunity to collect support and donations. You have the ability to add offline donations to your project in the Project Dashboard. The donation will be marked as an 'Offline Donation' and the We Kan! Network will modify the rate to 3% for these entries. 

Can donors give privately?

Yes! They just have to check a box to hide it from public view.

Can donors write a check?

In many cases it will be easier to write a check if you live in the project town and just hand it over for deposit. If the project coordinator wants it to be part of the Project We Kan total there is just a 3% admin fee and it will be added to the total.

Why choose Project We Kan?

The Project We Kan site will be known as the site to go to if you want to connect to Kansas, if you want to help strengthen a Kansas community. Successes from the site will be used to tell the Kansas story. Put all these projects together and you have a great story about the will and gumption of Kansas communities.  Project coordinators will like that the instructions are designed to guide you to success and help you think of the big picture with your project. And, the admin fee goes to an organization that turns it around to help preserve and sustain rural culture.

How did this start?

This crowdfunding project started as Kanstarter in 2014 and then became WeKan Support. We've had to make some correction turns but with continued support from the community service tax credits granted in 2014, we've been able to jump over some obstacles and hit the landing perfectly with the Project WeKan team.

Why is support needed for Kansas communities?

Of the 626 incorporated cities in Kansas, almost half have less than a 400 population. Just over 75% of the cities in Kansas have a population of 1,500 or less and the vast majority of these towns are volunteer-led, meaning there is no paid person dedicated to sustaining the town (no paid city manager, chamber director, or economic development director). Project We Kan was created to support the towns that are making extraordinary efforts to thrive but don't have the critical mass to fund projects or to provide the total labor force needed. In some cases, certain skills aren't available through the local talent pool.

Local preference

The We Kan Network mission is to preserve and sustain rural culture. WKN suggests that community project materials are purchased from locally-owned stores, even if it's not in the project town.

What are the rural culture elements?

When Marci and her dad, Mil Penner, researched for their first guidebook in 1990, they'd go into a town to research and frequently heard the response, "Our town doesn't have anything. Go to another town." Eventually, Marci and Mil came up with categories to help a town see itself with new eyes. The categories are Architecture, Art, Commerce, Cuisine, Customs, Geography, History, and People. Every town has a story to tell about each element and everything in a town fits in one of the elements.