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Let's Get Started!

Step 1 - Create a Log In at the top of the page. Whether you decide to create a project or not, creating a log in allows you to save a partially finished application, submit an application and/or for you to personally donate to other projects! 
Step 2 - Download or view a PDF or WORD version of the application process. We have simplified! Email us if you have any questions. Don't know if your project fits the categories? That's ok too. Just ask! info@projectwekan.com
Step 3 - Check out the resources page for tips and downloads of how to create a successful project! 
Step 4 - Ready? Click on Create A Project at the top of the page. Fill in the application and we will let you know when your project is approved! We are here to help and guide you. 
We are here for Kansas community projects! What's YOURS going to be?

Check out these pages for more information and read below!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Use Project WeKan?


For Project We Kan! a non-profit project is one that qualifies as a nonprofit organization with the IRS and/or State of Kansas or is a community project with a designated fund in a community foundation or at the bank.


A community can be a rural town, an urban neighborhood, or a niche community. Some examples of a niche community could be a group of musicians or Master Gardeners across the state. There is no population limit.


We're looking for projects that strengthen a community with an infusion of energy, creativity, and engagement. Project We Kan! projects should demonstrate forward-movement for your community in the categories of Architecture, Art, Commerce, Cuisine, Customs, Geography, History, or People.