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Why Use Project WeKan?

Why Use Project WeKan?

We understand the hurdles that go along with projects. We are here to help.
We created Project WeKan to make it easy for you to raise money for projects online. But more importantly, we created this website with the thought in mind that we want your project to be successful. We are also excited for the day that dozens of current projects will be showcased alongside past successful projects. What a story that will reveal about things going on in Kansas.

Helpful Guides and To-do Lists

We have your back.
Our application process will guide you step by step on what you need to be successful. All the way from the first step of creating a project, to the last. Our guides help you think through the PEOPLE behind your project and how to choose them. With fun task lists so that you can get local support and create excitement.

Comfort in Giving

On Project WeKan you should have no doubt that your donation will go where the website says it will go. We have put checks and balances in place to make sure it's all on the up and up. Our site is secure so we encourage you to relax about that part and give as much as you are inspired to give.